Your Five A Day!

You may well say, hang on I'm getting my five a day I eat my fruit and veggies...and well done you for honouring your body but we need to feed our mind and soul too, here's the five a day that nourish me: 


  1. Meditation - find someplace quiet everyday ideally at the same time, get into a comfortable sitting position, close your eyes follow your breath and let the magic of your innerworld unfold even if just for a minute everyone starts somewhere

  2. Breathwork - detoxing and anti ageing need I say more....fill up on the good stuff 

  3. Good nutrition - eating a healthy, nutrient dense, varied diet with at least 7 a day fruit and veg is essential, not only for a healthy body but also a healthy mind. Head over to my diet and nutrition page on here for some more tips & hints on how to eat well

  4. Positive thinking & Gratitude - you create your mood, your health, your life and everything in it so showing gratitude for everything no matter how small keeps bringing all you want in life to you .... this stuff really works so be careful what you wish for as you will get it! 

  5. Movement -  I move everyday whether it's yoga, body conditioning, or HIIT training alongside the twice daily walking of my gorgeous dogs Charlie, Bilbo & Bree. Whatever it is you enjoy and motivates you to move then just do it! I make sure not only to enjoy it every day but to be grateful for my body too


As you weave them into your daily routine I hope, like they have for me, become a "non-negotiable" part of your day just like brushing your teeth and eating those fruits & veggies. Enjoy!