The VIRTUAL Workshop is here! 

Hey Yogailini's - Day 9,763 of lock down....right?!!! I truly hope you've been able to go with the flow and are not getting too bad a hit of the crazies being in lockdown. The Yoga world has gone virtual and I'm so pleased we can stay connected with the magic of wifi & Zoom.

Following all the requests, from those who attended my last two mini workshops for more, here they are Saturdays 6 & 20 June 10:00 - 11:30 and our theme is LIMITLESSNESS!!!
How does it feel to say "I feel limitless" does it fill you with fear, give you an attack of the what if's, or does it make you feel like a superhero / supershero??? What if we lived life with less limitation on ourselves.....just saying!

When we look at the choices we make in life are we making them from a place of fear and all the emotions that come with it or from love and the array of emotions felt from that place. 
Who are we to shine our light out into the world? WHO ARE WE NOT TO GO SHINE OUR LIGHT and it's my intention for these two workshops to fill you with courage, bravery and fearlessness to go out there and be AMAZING YOU to self heal through the practice of yoga and positive thought.

Let's start that process together, on the mat, with:
Workshop one: Sat 6 June
A nourishing hatha slow flow practice & guided relaxation
followed by
Workshop two: Sat 20 June
A nurturing yin & restorative practice with guided meditation 

Let's use all we find on our mat, transmute and nourish it so we can take that energy and connection off the mat and into the world.

ALL ABILITIES are ALWAYS welcome, options will be given for newer yogalini's and for those who want to go a little deeper.

These workshops are designed to uplift you, deepen your practice and inspire curiosity into some key ideas behind our physical yoga practice alongside living an even more vibrant life.

How to book!
Email me
Grab yourself a free zoom account
INVESTMENT £15 per workshop
**SPECIAL OFFER £25 if you invest in both**
Look forward to seeing you on the mat. Om & out X