The Get On Your Mat Team!

When your passion is yoga and life is yoga and work is yoga you need a great team around you to make all the stuff that isn't yoga happen and here's my magic team that do just that.


Without these people I'd still be standing on my head outside the Taj Mahal... I'm so grateful for their help, expertise and patience, I'm blessed, so here they are:


Meet Sarah she does the massage and also our beauty queen with an ever successful business and expanding queue of loyal clients. Sarah's passion for helping others heal and restore is immense and very inspiring. 


Sarah loves: her nephew, family, ayurveda studies and treatments, alternative health, massage, the gym, yoga, cooking and tattoos, oh and sharing her knowledge and the LOVE!


Random fact: I don't like water just like Bree, instead I can contort my body to be able to lick my elbow...!!!


James is the main cog of GOYM he effortlessly and with a huge amount of patience does all the other stuff apart from the yoga and photos!! With his trusty assistant Bree,  together they create the marketing material, the website and other stuff particularly the technical stuff.


James loves: West Ham, surfing, running, yoga...and Bree! 


Random fact: I used to be a Beach Life Guard and have the hoody to prove it


Meet Bree she's the GOYM mascot and helps out whereever she can!


Bree loves: making friends either human or furry, championing the "Staffies are softies" campaign, running, and chewing rawhide. She also does a mean down dog and up dog!


Random fact: I don't like water and won't swim, I will have a paddle on a hot day if I'm feeling brave but only up to my armpits. 


Meet Julie she does the Pilates, Pure Stretch, Foam roller classes and delivers all round fantastic body conditioning with over 27years in the fitness industry what Julie doesn't know isn't worth knowing!


Julie loves: her children, gardening, cappucinos, walking, candles, the stars  & moon, the seaside and loads of sunshine!!


Random fact: I love a good swim and have my 5yard certificate, Gold life saving medal and one mile certificate too!!

GOYM Yogalinis, yes that's You! 

Without you there would be no one to share our passion for yoga with at the GOYM classes, workshops or retreats. It's a true pleasure and honour seeing you all on your journeys on the mat, and off the mat too! Watching you all progressing through your practice, feeling freer in your bodies and more relaxed and centred is a daily joy.


It's people on mats getting bendy and happy that we love at GOYM and we are so grateful to each of you for your continued support. See you all on the mat very soon X


Mel owns Melzshots photography and is responsible for all the photos , without her the website would be a dull place.


Mel loves: taking photos, instagram, surfing, cappuccino's, running, making her own clothes, yoga and Bree...


Random fact: I can only swim a width of a swimming pool.