Life coaching Top Tips
Striving for Perfection

I love what Jo said in one of her recent mailings about striving for perfection but having to remind herself that she's a work in progress. 


It's all too easy to become bogged down with the detail and to lose sight of the fact that in certain situations, adequate is often enough. 


I've recently returned from a holiday which really brought this home for me. I met up with a friend who I hadn't seen for 25 years. Over those years I've been triggered by that person (we'll call her 'D') because she has achieved so much, including many things I had wished for myself but never had the courage to follow through. I had felt wholly inadequate when comparing my life to hers. 


As one of my sisters reminded me recently, comparison is the thief of joy. We are all unique, we each have our journeys which shape us into who we are. Even D, who has achieved immense success, has travelled a rocky road to get to where she is today. She has shaped her destiny, just as I have shaped mine. But we all have the opportunity to change our paths, to tweak our outlooks, at any given point in our lives. It's never too late to make adjustments so that our lives become more aligned with our core beliefs and values. 


After all, we are all works in progress. And what a wonderful opportunity that is.