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Staying Sane

Love it or hate it, the festive season is upon us. For many of us, despite the glitz and baubles, it can be a time of great anxiety - and worse. Here are a few tips to staying sane amidst the festive frenzy:


- Don’t over-commit - financially, emotionally, socially - whichever way - just don’t do it. There’s absolutely no point in spending money on gifts if you can’t afford it - just keep it simple and be honest. Burnout and overwhelm are very common at this time of year and can emanate from a number of sources, or even a combination; January and February can often be a bit dull, so why not arrange to meet up with friends and family then instead of cramming everyone into the ‘we MUST meet up before Christmas’ marathon. That way there are good things to look forward to. And arrange to meet up for walks or cups of tea instead of boozy nights out. Your mental health will thank you!


- Gear up to having those difficult conversations which inevitably crop up when we get spend hours indoors in the company of our loved ones. Did you know that practicing self-compassion can help with those situations? This article explains it clearly:


- If you won’t be spending time in the company of family or friends on or in the lead up to the Big Day but you fancy doing something different, why not look into volunteering? There are numerous opportunities to help others at this time of year, which can have an enormously positive impact on our own mental health: win win. There are some great ideas here:


I wish you a very happy December and will see you on the other side.