If you’re here, you care. Care about making you the best you can be.

About nurturing your body, your mind, your soul.

And at the end of the day, that’s all I care about too.


Let me show you how to embrace a truly yogic way of modern living, thinking, moving & breathing. Join a virtual or in person yoga class, workshop or retreat, come learn how to meditate and breathe.

Maybe you want to book a Kinesiology treatment or nutrition consult at the Live Vibrantly! Clinic based at Badgemore Park in Henley to reconnect to your vibrant energy & radiant health.

I’ve got all the tools we need to take care of you.

I’m testament to the powerful impact it can have on your whole world & it’s within your reach.

A holistic approach 

My name’s Jo, I help people feel WELL, HAPPY & HEALTHY, rebalancing their health & lifestyle by guiding them through & beyond whatever it is that's holding them back from reaching their highest health goals. If you are wanting to reconnect to your vibrant energy, radiant health & true self then get in touch as I can share the tools from Kinesiology, Nutrition and Yoga that have helped me regain and maintain balance in my life for nearly 30years.


The way I love to move, nourish and balance not only my body but life too all come from Yoga, Kinesiology & Nutrition.


If you're wanting to regain vibrant energy & radiant health and need help with your energy levels, then I'd love to work with you.  I’m honest with open mind and bring a down to earth attitude to our goal of helping you grow into the best version of you, empowered with a self care kit full of wellbeing tools.  

The art of self care….

The human body is a living miracle, it's intellegence know no bounds, it is continually adapting, growing, regenerating and healing ever second of every day to all our external environment and everything we choose to absorb into the internal environment.

The art of self care is multifaceted, yes it's eating healthy, staying hydrated & moving everyday and yet it's so much more. It's about the way we think, our attitude, friendships, social life, family, relationships, boundaries, how we care for our money, car and home. 

I’m no stranger to life’s challenges, trials and tribulations and through experiencing many, I’ve learned how powerful it can be to transform your way of living and thinking, to embrace what I call a modern day yogic way of being. Getting in tune with nature, enjoying the outdoors and eating in season are a great way to start. 

Helping people feel good and seeing them learning and growing as I continue to do myself is my raison d’etre. I'm passionate about what I do and love sharing my knowledge and experience from the many trainings I've undertaken in Nutrition, Kinesiology and Yoga, in the UK, Australia and India, with my clients empowering them to become the healthiest, balanced most vibrant self yet. 

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