Element: Earth


Planet: Venus


Chakra : Heart (Anahata)



Malachite has always been associated with feminine energy (The Midwife Stone/The Goddess Stone) And has been dedicated to a Goddess in a variety of cultures:

In Egypt to Hathor & Isis.

In Greek classical times to Aphrodite.

In Roman classical times to Venus.

In Europe to Freya/Freyja/Freja.


Mother of the Tribe:

Protects her child - nourishes, loves, heals and teaches.

Has a deep connection to nature. 

Can absorb negative energies and pollutants from the atmosphere and the body. 

Can guard against radiation of all kinds, clears electromagnetic pollution.

Heals Earth energies.

Also nurtures us - by teaching us how to  love ourselves first - thereby allows us to love others.

Aids growth, development, creation or renewal.



Encourages an appreciation of aesthetics, sensuality, beauty, friendship and justice.

Helps us imagine ourselves in the position of others and empathise with them.



Stimulates inner imagery - dreams, imagination and memories become alive & real.

It takes away inhibitions and encourages expression of feelings.



Strengthens the understanding of concepts, helping us be in the position to absorb information more quickly as our imagination makes us stronger and aware of how to handle it.

Decisions are made quickly as thoughts flow very fast.

Fortifies the ability to observe by heightening our perception and ability to quickly recognise meanings.


Aids detoxification by stimulating liver activity, and also stimulates the nerves and brain activity. 

She is the most potent  for feminine healing - resonates with the female sexual organs, and can help treat a wide variety of sexual dis-ease e.g. menstruation problems or issues caused by traumatic past experiences.