Life coaching Top Tips

Autumn is a time of year when people’s moods tend to dip and I think this year the encroaching darkness and change in temperature could be hitting quite hard. There’s an uncertainty in the air about what the winter will bring. Will there be another lockdown? Multiple lockdowns? Will we and our loved ones come out of it all unscathed?

Questions like these and the feelings of trepidation that accompany them are valid. They can become overwhelming though and the trick is to stop them before they arrive, if we can. The healthier we are, the less likely it is that we’ll become stressed. The key things are to eat well, drink plenty of water, not to drink too much alcohol, to make sure we get enough exercise and to do what brings us joy. Maybe we could consider the following, as well:

 - Controlling the controllables and trying to let go of the rest

 - Embracing the cycle of life and all the wonder that it brings

 - Filling our homes with positivity and comfort - hygge, if you will

 - Practicing compassion, every single day. It’s a health-giver and mood-lifter!

 - Taking the opportunity to slow down and to spend time feeding our precious souls

I send you love and best wishes for this beautiful and colourful season!