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Empathy Fatigue

Have you noticed how strange the energies are out there in the world at the moment? I mean, they've been pretty weird for a while, let's face it. There seems to be a constant stream of things which, if we let them, can divide us from our neighbours, friends, colleagues, family members. It's a tricky one because when we're passionate about our beliefs it can be difficult to set them aside in the name of harmony. 


Just because we don't all have the same beliefs about these contentious topics, it doesn't mean that we can't get along. Let's not forget that our different perceptions and different realities are born from our experiences. Those experiences might not be direct - they may result from stories we've been told or stories we've told ourselves. Sometimes the perceptions are born from fear. 


Next time you're feeling triggered by someone, try asking yourself 'What's underneath the surface?' 'What could have happened in that person's life to result in them having this view?' Empathy is key, and let's hold our assumptions lightly. Go softly through the world; be inquisitive, be curious, but be gentle. And where the differences are insurmountable, we must either learn to live with the situation or release the person with kindness. 'I thank you for teaching me. I set you free' can be a helpful mantra in those circumstances.