GOYM Book Club

Meet Vibrant Living Ambassador Rebecca - she's GOYM's official book worm and we are thrilled to have her book club here for you all to get involved with and enjoy! You can join book club and find all her coaching wisdom by following her on insta @dreamtimecoaching 


Hi all! I am a trained life coach and energy healer. I started my personal development journey around thirteen years ago, when I joined my first yoga class - and I haven’t looked back,, you will also find me each week on the mat at a GOYM class. Around seven years ago I decided to train as an energy healer and then as a life coach. I had experienced first-hand, as a client, the benefits of each and I knew I wanted to use them to help others in the same way that I had been helped. 


I’ve decided to set up a book club as there is so much wonderful literature out there which can assist us all to unlock our potential. 

The next book club book is All Among the Barley by Melissa Harrison and here's a synopsis from the author's website :


"The autumn of 1933 is the most beautiful Edie Mather can remember. But in the fields and villages around her beloved Wych Farm the Great War still casts a shadow over a community impoverished by economic depression, and threatened by change. Change, too, is coming to Edie, who at fourteen must soon face the unsettling pressures of adulthood. Constance FitzAllen arrives from London to document fading rural traditions and beliefs, urging all who will listen to resist progress and return to the old ways — but some wonder whether there might be more to the glamorous older woman than meets the eye. As harvest approaches and the future of Wych Farm itself grows uncertain, Edie must somehow find a way to trust her instincts and save herself from disaster.”



"For the next 2 months until the next book club meet-up, we’ll be finishing off This Too Shall Pass by Julia Samuel, and getting stuck into this gem from Melissa Harrison. I think she’s a new author to all of the Book Clubbers so it’ll be great to see how her work resonates with each of us."