About Yoga Jo!

I started my Yoga journey over twenty years ago when a friend suggested I try a class to help me de-stress and get a good nights sleep. I had no idea what I was doing, I couldn't do all these things that were called asana's or poses, I found the breathwork confusing and then we had a lie down at the end!!! It was all a bit bonkers to be honest, but, the one thing I noticed at my first class was that I thought of nothing throughout my time on the mat. I was completely present concentrating only on when to breath and where to move my body and from that point I knew I'd found something very special, I had no idea exactly how life changing this thing called Yoga would be and how it would come to be a daily staple in my life. I'd found a new life long companion. 


My practice started out with the occasional course of classes when I felt stressed and needed to sleep well but year on year, life event to life event - good and bad! - my practice became stronger to the point of feeling empty if I hadn't had my weekly and then daily time on the mat. Through this I know working with balance and strength while using your breath to focus as you move through the poses, really helps to calm a busy mind and bring the awareness back within. Then once your physical practice is done there's space in body and mind for breathwork and meditation. 

I truly believe that how you feel on the mat reflects how you are living off the mat and on the mat is most definitely a great place to start to make any changes you want to make in your life. 

Developing myself within Yoga has been a natural progression and an ongoing absolute joy initially undertaking my Yoga Teacher training in the homeland to Yoga, India, with the Sivananda Vedanta Centre for Yoga, qualifying in 2010 with their 200hours of training. This was followed by: 

Gary Carter's one year post grad course in Anatomy & Physiology for Movement Therapists - 2012

Camyoga Restorative Yoga teaching qualification & Pregnancy Yoga teaching qualification -  2014

Pranayama with Phillip Xerri - 2014

Camyoga Advanced Yoga Teacher Training certificate 500hours - 2015

British Wheel of Yoga Level IV Teaching Diploma - 2015


I love learning and then to share once I've had time to absorb, feel and truly understand the teaching,  attending workshops and trainings with world class teachers including:

Rachel Brathen, Tara Stiles, Elena Voyce, Pete Blackaby, Howard Napper, Ana Forrest, Andrea Everingham, Andrea Kwiatkowski, Cat Alip Douglas, Claire Missingham, Matthew Carpenter, Jamie Elmer & Katie Appleton. 


Current certificates held in teachers insurance, first aid and membership of Yoga Alliance & British Wheel of Yoga both respected governing bodies of Yoga Teaching.